Stitching Dreams: The Artistry & Magic of Embroidery Hoop Designs by Anju T

Anju T
Hi, I'm Anju T, an artist from the City of Hills, Malappuram, Kerala. I have completed my graduation in Fine Arts from Raja Ravi Varma College of Fine Arts, Mavelikkara, Alappuzha & currently pursuing Diploma in Fashion Designing at Waves Institute of Fashion Designing, Kozhikode. My love towards Colours, Lines, Sketches and everything related to the Art, especially Art History drives me to the world of Creative Arts.

I am passionate about Sketching, Painting and Embroidery, mainly Embroidery Hoop Art. Apart from these I am also into poetry, which keeps my thoughts busy exploring the world of imaginations. Covid-19 lockdown gave me a lot of spare time from my studies and that is when I tried a hand on Embroidery Hoop Craft which I really enjoyed. To make things unique and stand out, I usually develop a prototype of my work by exploring my thoughts and by building my ideas over the first set of sketches. My goal is to become an innovative Fashion Designer which will give me better exposure to the World of Fashion & Creative Arts...

Please feel free to contact me, if you are in search of any personalized gifts. I might be able to help you out.
Thank you for spending your valuable time to go through my profile. Have a great day ahead!
Yours sincerely,
(Anju T)
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Anju T
Uphill, Malappuram
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My Embroidery Hoop Works

Little Girl holding a Bunch of Flowers in the Wind
Little Girl holding a Bunch of Flowers
Little Girl holding a Bunch of Flowers in the Wind
Comic Strip Characters - Calvin & Hobbes
(Gifted to friend Midhun George)
read Midhun's review  
Personalized Calender marked with Birth Date
Personalized Calender for Birthday
(Gifted to friend Jithin on his Birthday)
read Jithin's review  
Embroidery for Pillow Cover
Embroidery for Pillow Cover
Lovely Birthday Gift for Brother
Lovely Birthday Gift for Brother
(Gifted by Anju T to brother Jinesh on his Birthday)
Special Birthday Gift for your Sister
Special Birthday Gift for your Sister
(Gifted by Anju T to sister Malu on her Birthday)
Special Birthday Gift for Little Ones
Happy Birthday Vidhaarsh
(Gifted by Rajesh Pugazhendhi to Vidhaarsh on his Birthday)
Birthday Wishes in Spanish
Special Spanish Birthday Wishes
(Gifted by Vandana Jain to friend Rachna Rishi on her Birthday)
Beautiful gift for first wedding anniversary
Wonderful First Wedding Anniversary Gift
(Gifted by Sharvani to husband Shashank on their Wedding Anniversary)
Birthday gifts can be always special
Birthday Gifts can be always Special
(Gifted by Rajesh Pugazhendhi to Regu on his Birthday)
Birthday Gifts for your Loved Ones
Feliz Cumpleanos (Birthday greetings in Spanish)
(Gifted to Jithin on his Birthday)
read Jithin's review  
Beautiful Gift for 50th Wedding Anniversary
Beautiful Gift for 50th Wedding Anniversary
(Gifted by Neeraja to parents Balakrishnan And Shanthi on their Wedding Anniversary)
Few Lovely Memories Stays Forever
Few Lovely Memories Stays Forever
(Gifted by Srushti Balki)
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Reviews / Testimonials

Midhun George's Photo
I absolutely loved it, attention to the details are mind blowing. It was a perfect gifting idea, Anju. Thanks a lot...
  Midhun's customized gift
Jithin's Photo
Thanks a bunch! I really need an extra dose of caffeine right now. Anju has a great talent and this gift was a pleasant surprise which made my day!
  Jithin's custom-made gift
Jithin's Photo
Bless your big and generous heart! Thank you for the gift
  Jithin's personalized gift
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