Fashion Merchandising & Boutique Management Course

Fashion Merchandising and Boutique Management Course
Fashion Merchandising & Boutique Management is a relatively new course which is offered by very few institutions in India. This unique course is designed for those who are looking forward to start their own business or venture using their ability, to provide innovation to the Fashion world. This curriculum is designed specifically for ambitious students who intend to learn competitively within a short span of time. Students will attain the knowledge to launch their own brands into the emerging markets and to understand the global fashion industry. They also learn to combine their creative ability with principles of management to have a successful career in fashion field.
Key Facts
    6 months
  Certificate Course
    Online Learning
    Affordable Fees
    No age limits
    SSLC or Plus 2

Syllabus & Course Contents 

Fabric Segmentation & Processing
  • Introduction to Textile Industry
  • SWOT Analysis of the Indian Textile Industry
  • Basic Textiles Terms
  • Fibre Classification
  • Properties & Sources of Natural Fibres
  • Man-made Fibres & its Properties
  • Introduction to Fabric Processing
  • Methods of Yarn Spinning
  • Classification & Properties of Yarn
  • Introduction to Weaving
  • Weaves & Care Labeling
  • Dying & Coloring of Fabrics
  • Classification & Stages of Dyeing
  • Introduction to Textile Printing
  • Methods & Styles of Printing
  • Basic Fabric Finishes
Fashion Antiquity
  • History of Fashion
  • Elements & Principles of Fashion
  • Terminology of Fashion
  • Fashion Cycle
  • History of Indian Costumes
Conceptualization of Designs
  • Introduction to Colors
  • Dimensions of Colors
  • Color Psychology
  • Silhouettes
  • Sketching of different types of Necklines, Collars & Sleeves
  • Balance, Gradation, Repetition
  • Harmony, Dominance & Unity
  • Illustration of latest Bridal Costumes
  • Sketching of Tops, Skirts, & Bottoms
Production Planning
  • Workflow of Garment Industry
  • Different Types of Machines
  • Production Process
  • Production Planning & Control
  • Quality Control
Fashion Illustration
  • Free Hand Sketching
  • Stick & Block Figure
  • Hairstyle Variations
  • Colors & Textures
  • Accessories & Stylization
Visual Merchandising & Management
  • Introduction to Merchandising
  • Advantages of Visual Merchandising
  • Signs, Marquees, Outdoor Display
  • Types of Window Displays
  • Importance of Lights (Primary, Secondary, Colored and Filtered)
  • Mannequins and Dimensional Forms
  • Floor Plans & Display Types
  • Definition, Purpose & Scope and Role of management
  • Ethics & social responsibility of management
  • Types of plans, process of planning, management by objectives, nature and purpose of strategies
  • Importance & Steps in Decision Making
  • Analysis of Consumer Markets and Buyer behaviour
  • Product Mix, Product Life Cycle, New Product Development
  • Pricing Objectives & Pricing Methods
  • Promotion Mix & Digital Marketing
  • Role and Responsibilities of a Merchandiser
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Assessment & Certification 

Students are assessed based on projects, presentations, case research & analysis and final examination. All students will have to appear for the final examination conducted online at the end of the academic year.
S - Project / Sessional mark
E - Online Examination mark
Name of the Paper S E Total
Fabric Segmentation & Processing 20 80 100
Fashion Antiquity 20 80 100
Conceptualization of Designs 20 80 100
Production Planning 20 80 100
Visual Merchandising & Management 20 80 100
Grand Total 500
Candidate have to secure a minimum of 40% marks separately for both Sessional and Online Examination to obtain the certificate. On successful completion of the course, candidates will be issued a Certificate by Bharat Sevak Samaj Vocational Education (National Development Agency, Established in 1952 by Planning Commission, Govt. of India).
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Career Oppourtunities 
Visual Merchandising Career
When it comes to a Fashion Brand, people tend to associate it immediately with a Fashion Designer, where as a Fashion Merchandiser plays an intergal part in getting the consumer to purchase products. The key responsibilities of a merchandiser include combining strategical insights and marketing techniques to ensure that the products will gain maximum profit. The roles of a Merchandiser includes identifying the targets and turning them into purchase with the help of Communication, Marketing, Branding and providing the consumers all the required services.
The curriculum of this course is designed with an eye on the current industrial requirements. Students are encouraged towards applying their own creative skills and techniques to find solutions for the challenges they may face in the current fashion industry. This programme acts as a stepping stone to become the next successful Fashion Entrepreneur.
With the completion of the programme, students will
  • Attain knowledge in making key decisions
  • Develop management skills and leadership capabilities
  • Get an in-depth knowledge in advertising of Fashion products
  • Learn Trend Analysis & Fashion Forecasting
  • Become capable of managing a Boutique / Fashion venture
Eligibility & Learning Mode 
The minimum eligibility for Fashion Merchandising & Boutique Management programme, is SSLC or Plus 2 or any equivalent qualification from a recognized Educational Board.
Classes for this programme will be conducted online on a regular basis. The advantages of this particular online programme are
  • Economical :
    If you are trying to save money, an online course is the perfect solution. You are only spending money on the things you want to learn rather than paying for classrooms, infrastructure, activities and other miscellaneous charges...
  • Location :
    Your choice of course usually gets restricted with respect to location. With online classes you can avoid staying in hostels and long journey from your home to the study center.
  • Comfort of your Home :
    For this programme, you need not worry about your dress code. You can stay comfortably in your own room and pursue the course.

About Waves Institute of Fashion Designing

Waves Institute of Fashion Designing, established in 2009, offers couple of courses to support the fashion industry, as well as aspiring and working professionals. We have 2 branches in Kozhikode, Kerala and our head office is situated in the heart of the city, near 4th gate, Calicut and another at Malaparamba, Calicut with a lushy green campus. We offer both 1 year Diploma and 6 months Certificate courses in the field of Fashion & Costume Designing and Fashion Merchandising.
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Students Testimonials

Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Lakshmi P's Testimonial'
# Ramp Walk # Seminars
I am happy to inform that I was able to gain a lot of knowledge regarding fashion from WIFD. We had lot of opportunities to showcase and enhance our potentials. We were also able to discover our inner talents. We were also given chances to present our seminars, from that too we were able to learn a lot. The industrial visit we had, was much beneficial to us. Also, we were able to learn about the basics of Ramp Walk. Thank you WIFD for enriching me with my Fashion Talents
2017-18 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Lijina Shirin's Testimonial'
# Career # Best
I got many suggestions to choose an Institute and I was very confused. Initially I was nervous about Waves Institute but as soon as I joined there I realized that this is one of the best and amazing institutes. I'm glad to be there and I started to build my career. Each and everyone was sincere, especially Fajna Miss. Thank you WIFD for making me a Designer. Thank you all for fulfilling my passion towards Fashion Designing and I also have earned a lot of friends too
2017-18 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Keerthana P P's Testimonial'
# Proud # Lucky
I feel so proud and lucky to study at Waves Institute of Fashion Designing, which is the best and No.1 Institute of Fashion Designing in Calicut. The best thing about WIFD is the teachers who are so dedicated. The life at WIFD did show me a better world of fashion and changed my lifestyle. And I'm so happy that all the changes in my life are because of WIFD. Thanks a lot
2017-18 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Akshaya N's Testimonial'
# Own Designs # Earnings
My confidence and strength during the course in WIFD was the inspiration I got from the teachers who are my role models. I was able to create my own designs after one month of joining the course. That is my most wonderful achievement in WIFD. Even though I’m a student now, I'm earning in my designing work and I'm completely satisfied for the fees I pay
2019-20 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Mamtha G's Testimonial'
# Friendly # Motivation
Many Thanks to WIFD. Being a part of WIFD has been a wonderful and cherished experience. The faculty there are amazing, very friendly and always motivate us to practice more. My special thanks to Prakashini Ma'am, Mothi Ma'am, Fajna Ma'am and Arun Sir. I strongly recommend WIFD to everyone who is serious about making career in Fashion Designing. My Best Wishes
2016-17 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Arshiya Kawsar's Testimonial'
# Innovative # Aspiring
Waves Institute is one of the best fashion institutes in Kozhikode. It provides an excellent platform to learn, implement and experiment enough knowledge in Fashion Designing and I personally enjoyed every single day. Their innovative approach of teaching pave way for aspiring students
2017-18 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Rincy P P's Testimonial'
# Amazing Experience # Kind
From the beginning the experience was amazing for me. Teachers are extremely helpful and kind. The classes are structured to address individual students needs. Waves Institute of Fashion Designing is the best decision I have ever made!!
2019-20 batch
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