Diploma in Fashion Design - 1 Year Course

Diploma in Fashion Design
Diploma in Fashion Design is a one-year program that prepares aspiring fashion designers with the technical & creative abilities required to succeed in the fashion industry. Throughout the curriculum, you will learn technical skills that will help you stand out in the industry. You will learn sketching, pattern making, clothing construction, surface ornamentation and other skills as part of a program. This course is suitable for focused individuals with a keen eye for design who want to make their creative vision a reality. By the end of the program, you will be able to demonstrate your design skills, equipping you for a successful future in fashion design. Join us and discover the amazing combination of art & innovation that defines the fashion industry. Let's make your fashion dreams a reality!
Key Facts
   1 year
   Offline Course (Study Centre)
   Easy Installment Payments
   Female only
   No Age Limits
   No Uniforms
   Batch 1: 10:00 AM - 01:00 PM
   Batch 2: 01:30 PM - 04:30 PM
   Mon - Fri (5 days / week)
   Hostel Facility
   Essential Study Materials
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Scope of Diploma in Fashion Design

The Diploma in Fashion Design program offers a diverse and exciting curriculum. With this diploma, you gain access to a world where creativity meets opportunity. The possibilities for creating outfits and crafting accessories are boundless. Prepare to experience a universe where your creativity soars and your distinct flair comes through. Let's look at some of the amazing job options available to fashion fans like you. Few of the job opportunities are listed below...
  • Fashion Designer
  • Fashion Consultant
  • Visual Merchandiser
  • Bridal Designer
  • Apparel Pattern Maker
  • Fashion Illustrator
  • Assistant Designer
  • Fashion Merchandiser
  • Sketching Assistant

Become a Fashion Designer & Design Your Future

Step into the exciting world of Fashion Design, where your path starts with a clear emphasis on your creative vision. Discover effective learning tactics for igniting your passion and developing your talents. Unlock your learning abilities by participating in hands-on activities that will help you refine your skills and reach your full potential. Our classes provide a dynamic blend of theory and practice, equipping you with the tools and knowledge you need to succeed in the fashion business. With experienced coaching and individualized instruction, you'll begin a transforming path to becoming a proficient and confident Fashion Designer. Join us to shape your future with purpose and enthusiasm...
Crafting Concept to Designs
Crafting Concept to Designs
Women's Day Celebrations
Women's Day Celebrations
Applying Surface Ornamentation Techniques
Applying Surface Ornamentation Techniques
Fun filled Activities - Flower Carpet
Fun filled Activities - Flower Carpet
Clothing Construction
Clothing Construction
Applying Execution Skills
Applying Execution Skills
Drafting Patterns with Perfection
Drafting Patterns with Perfection
From Ideas to Sketches
From Ideas to Sketches
Halloween Day Celebrations
Halloween Day Celebrations
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Reasons to join Fashion Design at Waves Institute

Global Education Achievement Awards 2022
International Education Pride Awards 2021
15 years of Outstanding Academic Excellence
International Pride Awards
Google Reviews
  • Waves Institute has been recognized for excellence in Fashion Design education, receiving awards like the Bharat Sevak Awards 2024, Global Education Achievement Awards 2022 & International Pride Awards 2021
  • 15 Years Outstanding Academic Achievement
  • Receive guidance from highly experienced instructors.
  • The Latest Syllabus & Updates based on changes in the fashion industry.
  • Practical Session starts from 2nd month.
  • Job Placements to secure your career
  • Placement Assistance with a great track record of 95.4 % last year
  • Individual Sewing Machines for Practice-based learning
  • Hostel serving Vegetarian & Non-vegetarian food
  • Secure, Safe & Environmentally friendly campus with plenty of space for parking cars and bikes.
  • Kozhikode's Top-ranked Fashion Design Institute on Google
  • Study center in the middle of the city with multiple class timings for housewives, professionals, etc...
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Curriculum / Syllabus for Diploma in Fashion Design
The 8-unit Fashion Design Diploma course includes 3 theoretical subjects & 5 practical modules that require students to think critically. The course maintains a 70% Practical ratio versus a 30% Theory base, with a strong emphasis on practical application.
Curriculum / Subjects in Diploma in Fashion Design
Design Concept  
  • Introduction of Fashion
  • Definition & Origin of Fashion
  • Fashion Evolution
  • Different Types of Wear
  • Elements of Design
  • Color Theories
  • Silhouettes & Figures
  • Costumes for Different Body Shapes
  • Principles of Design
  • Corrective Designs
  • Classification of Skirts
  • Free Hand Sketching
  • Pencil Shading
  • Ruffles, Frills & Textures
  • Head & Hairstyles
  • Stick & Block Figure
  • Fleshing Fashion Figure (Male, Female, Child)
  • Illustrating Croquis
  • Weight Distribution
  • Accessorizing with Color
  • Basic Apparel Outlines
Surface Ornamentation  
  • 25+ Different Types of Stitches
  • Traditional Handwork
  • Embroideries of Different States of India
Clothing Construction  
  • Sewing Machine
    • Classification
    • Parts of a Sewing Machine
  • Presser Foot Types
  • Upper & Lower Threading
  • Sewing Machine - Faults & Rectifications
  • Equipment used for Sewing
  • Stitch Formation & Process
  • Basic Hand Stitches
  • Stitching Practice on Paper
  • Stitching Practice on Muslin Cloth
  • Types of Seams, Pleats, Tucks, Plackets, Pockets & Necklines
Garment Industry  
  • Introduction
  • Marker Planning & it's Benefits
  • Merchandising Basics
  • Definition & Role of a Merchandiser
  • Scope of a Merchandiser
  • Types of Visual Merchandising
  • Quality Controlling
  • Marketing
Pattern Making  
  • Basic Measurements
  • Technical Tailoring Terms
  • How to take Body Measurements
  • Drafting the Basic Pattern Set – Child’s Bodice
  • Child's Sleeve & Collar Types
  • Jumpsuit
  • Petticoat
  • Different Types of Skirts
  • Adult's Bodice Block
  • Kurtas & Pyjama
  • Different Types of
    • Sleeves & Collars
    • Salwar & Kameez
    • Nighty & Gown
History of Fashion  
  • History of Indian Costume
  • Costume of Different India States (20+)
  • Traditional Jewellery of India (10)
Textile Science  
  • Introduction
  • Definition of Textile Fibres
  • Classification of Textile Fibres
  • Textile Fibre Properties
  • Different Types of Fibres (Natural & Manmade)
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Affiliations & Certifications
Bharath Sevak Samaj (BSS)
Assignments, Projects & Final Examination are used to evaluate students. Every student is required to appear for the final exam, which is given at the conclusion of the course. To receive the certificate, students must earn at least 40% in each topic independently on their final test. Central Bharat Sevak Samaj Vocational Education, a National Development Agency founded in 1952 by the Planning Commission of the Government of India, issues certificates for the Fashion Design Diploma program.
Recruiters & Placements
Leading fashion businesses from a variety of industries, including E-commerce, Wedding Centers, the Garment Industry, Fashion Boutiques, the Textile Industry and many more, are housed at Waves Institute of Fashion Designing. Recruiters offer a variety of Job responsibilities across multiple segments and represent a large range of industries. In 2023, Waves Institute of Fashion Designing achieved a 95.4 % Job Placement rate. Among the leading businesses where our students have demonstrated their excellence are Paris De Boutique, French Curve by Anjali Sharma, Kitex Garments Ltd, Teekay - The Bridal Heritage, Kalyan Kendra, Klum - The Kalamkari Store, Silky Weddings...
About Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Founded in 2009, as an independent Design Institute in Kozhikode, Waves Institute is a renowned Design College in Kerala. WIFD has spent the last 15 Years providing innovative education. The Bharat Sevak Award 2024, the International Education Pride Awards 2021 by Top Gallant Media, New Delhi for the category of 'Best Fashion Designing Institute for Women of the Year', and the Global Education Achievement Awards 2022 by TopNotch Foundation, Noida for the category of 'Most Innovative Fashion Designing Institute of the Year' have all been given to Waves Institute of Fashion Designing. Our institute was founded with the intention of bridging the knowledge gap between design and industry by offering our students an exceptional learning environment. Every student is inspired to achieve their own, lovely aspirations at our institute, where we also help them develop into a successful fashion professional.
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years of excellence
Students Testimonials
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Perambra, Kozhikode
Fathima Farha's Testimonial'
# Enjoyed # Helpful
I really enjoy this course and the teachers are all very helpful. This one-year course has improved my knowledge in the fashion industry.
2023-2024 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Pantheerankavu, Calicut
Sruthi K's Testimonial'
# Draping # 100% Placements
Classes at WIFD are not only theoretical. We started learning with theory but then we jump into practical. This is a really good practice for internships and for our professional life too. I really enjoyed the seminar and draping sessions. To begin a career in Fashion Designing, WIFD is one of the best institutions in Calicut and the highlight is 100% placement.
2019-2020 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Payannur, Kannur
Swetha Vasu's Testimonial'
# Extremely Proud # Designing Career
I feel extremely proud to be a part of Waves Institute of Fashion Designing, as it helped me to improve and develop my designing skills and showed me the path towards the Designing Career. I would like to thank all my Teachers for helping me and guiding me throughout my journey.
2019-2020 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Chaliyam, Calicut
Mufeeda K's Testimonial'
# Joy # Positive Atmosphere
I climbed the steps of the institute with high hopes. Nice positive atmosphere and spent some good days there with the teachers. I was able to acquire a lot of knowledge as I wished. I will always remember those good days with joy.
2017-2018 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Beypore, Kozhikode
Nourin B's Testimonial'
# Feel Alive # Passionate
I have been aiming for a career that makes me feel alive & trendy and it must be something that I would love to do. I discovered that I was always making clothes for myself for the past 8 years and that was my only hobby. I thought, why don't I make cloth for other people too? So I decided to look for a professional career building Fashion Designing course, to start my own venture and found Waves Institute. I came to know that WIFD provides a 1 year course with a reasonable fee comparatively and joining WIFD changed my life in many ways. I became more passionate and creative. I thank WIFD and teachers for making me an ambitious and strong person within me, that I have never known!
2021-2022 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Dindigul, Chennai
Asma Samiya Banu's Testimonial'
# Care # Enjoyed # Family
First of all, I want to thank WIFD and all my teacher's for helping and guiding me. They care about the students doing within the course and whether we understand, rather than just giving out information and letting the students absorb it however they want. I enjoyed studying there and improved my skills and had a great atmosphere. Not only on my studies they also helped me to improve my language even though I am from a different state they treated me like a family. I'm really proud to be a part of this institution.
2017-2018 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Kakkodi, Kozhikode
Lijina Shirin's Testimonial'
# Career # Best
I got many suggestions to choose an Institute, and I was very confused. Initially I was nervous about Waves Institute but as soon as I joined there I realized that this is one of the best and amazing institutes. I'm glad to be there and I started to build my career. Each and everyone was sincere, especially Fajna Miss. Thank you WIFD for making me a Designer. Thank you all for fulfilling my passion towards Fashion Designing and I also have earned a lot of friends too
2017-2018 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Nilgiri, Tamilnadu
Rimsha Farveen M's Testimonial'
# Wonderful Journey
As a part of Waves Institute of Fashion Designing, I've experienced a wonderful journey. The friendly approach of the teachers helped me a lot in building up my skills. I thank all the teachers of WIFD.
2023-2024 batch
Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Velliparamba, Kozhikode
Fasna N P's Testimonial'
# Best Decision
Enrolling in the Fashion Designing course at Waves Institute was one of the best decisions I have made for my creative journey.
2023-2024 batch
Study Centres - Waves Institute of Fashion Designing
Chavara Cultural Centre (Head Office), Kozhikode
Chavara Cultural Centre (Head Office), Amalapuri, Kozhikode
For numerous decades, the CMI Organization has led educational projects aimed at promoting social empowerment, following in the footsteps of its founder, Fr. St. Chavara. The goal of the Chavara Cultural Center is to cultivate and synthesize Art & Culture. This organization has always been at the forefront, putting together initiatives to equip young people to take on life's issues head-on. Since 2009, Waves Institute of Fashion Designing has offered courses in Painting, Art & Craft and Fashion & Costume Design at its head office in Kozhikode's Chavara Cultural Centre.
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Providence Women's College, Malaparamba, Calicut
Providence Women's College, Malaparamba, Calicut
The first & oldest Women's Arts & Science College in Kerala's Malabar region was Providence Women's College, Calicut, founded in 1952 by the Sisters of Apostolic Carmel. There are Undergraduate, Graduate, Doctorate and Post-doctoral programs available at this independent college. At Providence Women's College, which emphasizes women's empowerment via education, there are 7 postgraduate courses available. An integrated program comprising 14 courses for undergraduates. The college also provides a variety of Certificate programs, Diploma programs and add-on courses. Acknowledged for its excellence, the college has an A++ Grade Accreditation from NAAC, is a DBT Star College and is a CPE (College with Potential for Excellence) from UGC. The college cultivates a dynamic atmosphere that extends beyond academics by means of skilled instructors, gifted pupils and an emphasis on all-encompassing growth.
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