Stitching Dreams: The Artistry & Magic of Embroidery Hoop Designs by Aiswarya Raj K M

Aiswarya Raj K M
Hi, I'm Aiswarya Raj K M, native and resident of Iritty, Kannur. I have completed my Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) from Chinmaya Arts and Science College, Chala, Kannur. Drawing and Painting kept me occupied as it was my main hobby. As I was too much into it, I decided to pursue Fashion Designing course and I joined Waves Institute of Fashion Designing (WIFD), Kozhikode.

During the Covid-19 lockdown, I thought of doing Embroidery. I had already learned embroidery from WIFD and I really loved doing it. Initially doing embroidery was just to keep me engaged during my free time. It was later, the idea of gifting a Customized Embroidery Hoop struck my mind. I received my first order from my cousin, and she really appreciated my work. I got lot of motivation and support from my parents and relatives. Later I created a page on Instagram and started uploading all my works.

I was really delighted to see comments from followers on my work and had started to receive orders. Currently I have received more than 25 orders from different places from Kerala and outside. Now, I do all type of Embroideries like Gifting Embroidery Hoops, Portrait Embroidery, Painting and other Embroidery works on dresses.

Please feel free to contact me, if you need any customized embroidery gifts.
Thank you for spending your valuable time to go through my profile. Have a great day ahead!
Yours sincerely,
(Aiswarya Raj K M)
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Aiswarya Raj K M
Iritty, Kannur
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My Embroidery Hoop Works

Personalised 2nd Anniversary Gift for Athira & Sarath
Happy 2nd Anniversary Athira & Sarath
(Gifted by Athira Sarath to husband Sarath on their Wedding Anniversary)
read Athira's review  
Wonderful Personalised Wedding Day Gift for Divya & Krishnakeshav
Personalised Portrait with Lovely Quotes
(Gifted by Divya Murali to husband Krishnakeshav on their Wedding)
read Divya's review  
Personalised Embroidery Hoop on Jijetta's Birthday
Happy Birthday Jijietta
(Gifted by Dhanya to husband Jiji on his Birthday)
read Dhanya's review  
Customised Photo Embroidery 5th Wedding Anniversary Gift
Happy 5th Wedding Anniversary
(Gifted by Akhila to husband Vineeth on their 5th Wedding Anniversary)
Personalised Photo Embroidery Gift on 25th Wedding Anniversary
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary
(Gifted by Sneha to aunt Sujatha on her Wedding Anniversary)
read Sneha's review  
Personalised Valentine's Day Gift
Do small things with great love
Happy Birthday to Baby Sivatheertha
Happy Birthday Sivatheertha
(Gifted by Ramraj to friend's daugther Sivatheertha on her Birthday)
read Ramraj's review  
Customised Photo Embroidery Birthday Gift for her
Happy Birthday to Our Dearest
(Gifted by Saswath P to friend Pranaya on her Birthday)
read Saswath's review  
Sruthi & Husband's Photo as her Birthday Present
Happy Birthday Dear Sruthi
(Gifted by Sunooj Nambiar to wife Sruthy on her Birthday)
read Sunooj's review  
Happy Birthday dear Vellimme done with Embroidery
Happy Birthday Dear Vellimme
(Gifted by Divya Krishnakeshav to aunt Latha on her Birthday)
read Divya's review  
Customised Birthday Gift for Better Half
Happy Birthday Man of My Life
(Gifted by Navya to husband Vineeth K M on his Birthday)
read Navya's review  
Personalised Birthday Gift for Mom
Happy Birthday Mom
(Gifted to mother Praseetha on her Birthday)
read Praseetha's review  
Birthday Gift for dear ones
Happy Birthday My Dear
(Gifted by Anupama to friend Babitha on her Birthday)
read Anupama's review  
Special Birthday Gift for your Friend
Happy Birthday our Dearest Thakkudu
(Gifted by Sandra Thomas to friend Joel Jaimon on his Birthday)
read Sandra's review  
Special Birthday gift for Friend
Happy Birthday Pappu
(Gifted by Aswini to friend Nazeel Mohammed on his Birthday)
read Aswini's review  
Speical Customised Birthday Gift for Mami
Happy Birthday Mami
(Gifted by Anuvarna to aunt Sariga on her Birthday)
read Anuvarna's review  
Birthday Gift for Sister
Happy Birthday Sreekutti
(Gifted by Anagha P V to cousin sister Anjusree on her Birthday)
read Anagha's review  
Customised Birthday Gift for Vellichan (Uncle)
Happy Birthday Vellicha
(Gifted by Reshma to uncle Prakashan on his Birthday)
read Reshma's review  
Happy 24th Anniversary Rejani & Haribabu
(Gifted by Veena Haridas to friend Rejani on her Wedding Anniversary)
read Veena's review  
Wonderful 1st Birthday Gift
Happy 1th Birthday Kannan
(Gifted by Divya P V to aunt Shini on her Son's 1st Birthday)
read Divya's review  
Beautiful Personalised Home Decoration Krishna Nivas
Krishna Nivas House
(Gifted by Prameela to relative Venugopal on his House Warming)
read Prameela's review  
Wonderful Personalised Gifts
Let your love be like an Ocean
(Gifted by Shilpa Susan Sam to friend's sister Shari on her Wedding)
read Shilpa's review  
Personalised Wedding Gift for Divya & Krishnakeshav
Happy Engagement Divya & Krishnakeshav
(Gifted by Aiswarya to friend Divya Murali on her Engagement)
Personalised Birthday Gift for SwathiLakshmi
Happy Birthday SwathiLakshmi
(Gifted by Shini to sister-in-law Swathilakshmi on her Birthday)
read Shini's review  
Personalised Anniversary Gift for Wife
Happy 1st Wedding Anniversary Safna
(Gifted by Ashkar to wife Safna on their 1st Wedding Anniversary)
read Ashkar's review  
You are the one I will always choose
You are the one I will always choose
(Gifted by Sandra on his Birthday)
read Sandra's review  
You are the one I will always choose
Happy Married Life Archana
(Gifted to friend Archana on her Wedding)
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary
Happy 25th Wedding Anniversary
(Gifted by Girija to husband Shani on their Wedding Anniversary)
read Girija's review  
Beautiful Gift on your Girlfriend's Birthday
Birthday Gift for your Girlfriend
(Gifted by Arun to girlfriend Praveena on her Birthday)
read Arun's review  
Happy Birthday Praveena
Happy Birthday Praveena
(Gifted by Arun to girlfriend Praveena on her Birthday)
Lots of Love, Today and Beyond
Lots of Love, Today and Beyond
(Gifted by Savitha to nephew Abhi on his Wedding)
read Savitha's review  
Lovely Birthday Gift for Nephew Sreehan
Lovely Birthday Gift for Nephew Sreehan
(Gifted by Sarath to nephew Sreehan on his Birthday)
read Sarath's review  
Beautiful Wedding Gift for Nephew Abhinav
Beautiful Wedding Gift for Nephew Abhinav
(Gifted to nephew Abhinav on his Wedding)
read Abhinav's review  
Special Wedding Gift for your Brother's Son / Daughter
Special Wedding Gift for your Brother's Son / Daughter
(Gifted by Savitha)
read Savitha's review  
Personalized Gift for your Nephew's Wedding
Personalized Gift for your Nephew's Wedding
(Gifted by Savitha to nephew Dr. Anith on his Wedding)
Sruthi's Gift for her best friend's Wedding Anniversary
Sruthi's Gift for her best friend's Wedding Anniversary
(Gifted by Sruthi)
read Sruthi's review  
Rasna's Special Gift to her friend Shaharban
Rasna's Special Gift to her friend Shaharban
(Gifted by Rasna to best friend Shaharban on her Wedding)
read Rasna's review  
Wonderful Birthday Gifts for Little Ones
Wonderful Birthday Gifts for Little Ones
(Gifted by Nikey)
read Nikey's review  
Ashwin's customized Wedding Anniversary Gift
Ashwin's customized Wedding Anniversary Gift
(Gifted by Arya to husband Ashwin on their Wedding Anniversary)
read Arya's review  
Special Wedding Gift for your Friend
Special Wedding Gift for your Friend
(Gifted by Thomas to friend Abhilash on his Wedding)
read Thomas's review  
Few occasions needs special gifts
Few occasions, need Special Gifts
(Gifted by Ramya to husband Arjun)
read Ramya's review  
Steal the moment with a special gift for your engagement
Steal the moment with a special gift for your engagement
(Gifted by Safi to fiancee Fasila on their Engagement)
read Safi's review  
Surprise your friend with a very touching birthday gift
Surprise your friend with a very touching birthday gift
(Gifted by Sarika to friend Sruthi on her Birthday)
read Sarika's review  
Frame your best moments to personal portraits
Frame your best moments to personal portraits
(Gifted by Priya)
Amazing Wedding Gifting Idea for your Friend
Amazing Wedding Gifting Idea for your Friend
(Gifted by Athira to friend Sudina on her Wedding)
read Athira's review  
Elegant Wedding Gift for your Husband
Elegant Wedding Gift for your Husband
(Gifted by Mareena to husband Ashwin on their Wedding)
read Mareena's review  
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Reviews / Testimonials

Athira Sarath's Photo
Thank you for the wonderful gift Aiswarya. This is so special for us. We both really loved the hand embroidery work.
  Athira's customized gift
Divya Murali's Photo
I wanted to give a surpise gift for my fiance. The first thing that came to my mind was the really beautiful embroidery hoop which I received for my engagement. I was totally surprised seeing that gift and I wanted such an embroidery hoop with our couple photo and few nice words. Later when I received the work, I was extremely delighted and happy as it was fantastic. So if you are in search for a personalised and hand made gift, this is the best option. I personally recommend this to everyone...
  Divya's custom-made gift
Dhanya's Photo
Your hand work is really stunning. Thank you Aiswarya for the fantastic work. Loved it...
  Dhanya's custom-made gift
Sneha's Photo
Your Embroidery Hoop Craft is really wonderful and I really liked it. I appreciate your hardwork and talent. I wish you all success and may God bless you to make a smile to everyone's face through your wonderful talent. Thank you so much.
  Sneha's personalized gift
Ramraj's Photo
The perfection in your embroidery is execellent. Everyone liked the gift very much. It is a really good gifting idea. Thank you a lot...
  Ramraj's customized gift
Saswath P's Photo
It is too good. I loved it. Thank you for this great effort.
  Saswath's customized gift
Sunooj Nambiar's Photo
Wooww... Superbbbb. This one is really stunning. I didn't expect this much perfection. Everyone loved it.
  Sunooj's personalized gift
Divya Krishnakeshav's Photo
Such a beautiful work. Something which feels close to heart. It is a wonderful personalised gift. Really happy to receive this gift and it is really a great effort by Aiswarya.
  Divya's customized gift
Navya's Photo
This gift made my day. Thank you Aiswarya for this great effort. It is mind blowing.
  Navya's personalized gift
Praseetha's Photo
Words aren't enough to express how happy I'm, receiving such a precious gift. This gift is a really memorable and it really touched my heart. I wish you get more and more such works. Really loved your gift...
  Praseetha's custom-made gift
Anupama's Photo
Everyone here really liked it. There all were asking how you did it so beautifully. It is always better than other gifts which are very common. I will surely order more.
  Anupama's personalized gift
Sandra Thomas's Photo
I liked it very very much. I was really eager to know Joel's response when he would open the gift. Happy to know that he too really liked it.
  Sandra's custom-made gift
Aswini's Photo
Such a perfect and amazing art work. It is really beyond words. We both really loved it. Thank you so much Aiswarya.
  Aswini's personalized gift
Anuvarna's Photo
Earlier I was in doubt that how can face resemble the same in an embroidery. But Aiswarya has really surprised me with her wonderful work. Her work was far beyond my expectations and it is truly stunning. I'm lucky that I found your work on Instagram at the right time, so that I could gift my friend something special and I'm 100% satisfied. Just wondering why I didn't find this art earlier. Thank you for helping me in giving such a perfect birthday gift and putting all the efforts to make this gift memorable. Wishing you all the best for the furture endeavors.
  Anuvarna's customized gift
Anagha P V's Photo
I was literally surprised. You've done an amazing work Aiswarya. No words... Such a perfect and neat work. I really loved it. Thank you so much. All the best wishes and may God bless you to reach greater heights.
  Anagha's personalized gift
Reshma's Photo
Your work is really wonderful and has perfection. Everyone here liked it a lot. It is a nice gifting idea for birthday.
  Reshma's customized gift
Veena Haridas's Photo
Loved it!!! Thank you so much. They were really surprised by the gift. Wish you all the best Aiswarya.
  Veena's personalized gift
Divya P V's Photo
This gift has crossed all my expectations. Thank you so much. This is an amazing gifting idea.
  Divya's customized gift
Prameela's Photo
Woowww... Its really superb. Everyone liked it very much. I have hanged it at the entrance of my house. It is the perfect gift for house warming. The work is really neat and tidy. I will surely recommend it to others.
  Prameela's custom-made gift
Shilpa Susan Sam's Photo
Really liked your embroidery work. I have sent it to my few of my friends too. All of them said that this is a brilliant gifiting idea.
  Shilpa's customized gift
Shini's Photo
Aiswarya, your work is really super. It is really a great gift. My niece really liked it. This gift was really different from the rest. Thank you so much...
  Shini's custom-made gift
Ashkar's Photo
Wow... Amazing work. Thank you. Everyone here liked it very much... It's superb!
  Ashkar's customized gift
Sandra's Photo
Soo nice.. Liked it very much. Thank you so much
  Sandra's personalized gift
Girija's Photo
Thank you Aishwarya for this wonderful gift. It's awesome work by using thread. Great work, Keep going...
  Girija's personalized gift
Arun's Photo
Thanks.. Great work. It's really beautiful. Me, my friends and everyone here really liked it. Its very well created. Hats off to your efforts...
  Arun's personalized gift
Savitha's Photo
Dear Aishwarya, thanks for the present. It's amazing. We loved your work and how meticulously it is made. We are very satisfied.
  Savitha's custom-made gift
Sarath's Photo
Your gift is quite astounding and I must say that you have really made this moment a very blissful and joyful one. Thank you so much dear. The embroidery work is sooo perfect. I appreciate your hard work. I surely recommend to my frnds.
  Sarath's customized gift
Abhinav's Photo
Aishwarya, thanks for the present. It's amazing. We loved your work and how meticulously it is made. We are hugely satisfied.
  Abhinav's custom-made gift
Savitha's Photo
Wooowww soo beautiful.... The work resembles so well with their photo. Everyone who saw the gift, appreciated your work really well. God bless you...
  Savitha's personalized gift
Sruthi's Photo
You know what, you made my day. You are great. This is super, lovely. You are definitely going to kill the future. I'm going to gift it to my best friend on her first anniversary.
  Sruthi's customized gift
Rasna's Photo
It's so beautiful.... Thank you so much.... She loved it
  Rasna's custom-made gift
Nikey's Photo
The dress in the gift is looking so nice. I am loving this. Thank you
  Nikey's customized gift
Arya's Photo
Sometimes your love speaks best through your hands. Thank you so much for this wonderful gift. This is so damn beautiful. Really loved the way it is made. The determination and hardwork behind this piece of art is highly appreciable. The threadwork detailing is just amazing. I don't know how you do it but however you do, it's simply amazing and it's just enhanced the beauty of our room, Once again thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Totally in love with it...
  Arya's personalized gift
Thomas's Photo
Adipoli.... Perfection is beyond my expectations. I am so happy. Thanks
  Thomas's customized gift
Ramya's Photo
It's more beautiful than I ever imagined. Thank you so much
  Ramya's customized gift
Safi's Photo
You have done a great job. Thank you so much. She will love it. Masha Allah.
  Safi's customized gift
Sarika's Photo
Heyy. Very Nice. Wowiee. Captured the expression very well. She loved it. Thank you so much.
  Sarika's personalized gift
Athira's Photo
Thank you so much dear... No words... The work has the same color as of her wedding saree. Really superb. The perfection of it.. no words. 3D work is really good. The saree appears to be perfect. Soooo beautiful.... Thanks a lot
  Athira's custom-made gift
Mareena's Photo
Thank you for your beautiful work..... it's amazing
  Mareena's personalized gift
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