Soft Toy Making (Stuffed Toys)

The first thing that would strike your mind when you think about your childhood might be your First Toy or Teddy. Soft Toy, the first companion of a child is also known as a Stuffed Toy. It is sewn from textiles like plain cloth, plush or terrycloth and stuffed with cotton, wool, plastic pellets or straws. Soft Toys are used to represent various animals with different shapes and sizes. Different fabrics have different qualities separating each type of soft toys. They are used for creating decorative items like Hearts, Dolls, Pillows, Cartoon Characters (Jerry Mouse, Tweety, Minnie Mouse), Gift Items and so on... Are you planning to Gift a kid for his/her next Birthday? A Soft Toy would be something they would love...
Jerry Mouse Soft Toy of a Tweety Minnie Mouse

Names & Soft Toys

Almost every child has a companion of a Teddy which they carry everywhere right from the time they wake up till they fall asleep. The child's connection with the toy begins with "Naming of the Toy". The name is what makes a teddy, more than just a toy. There are few teddy's which are very popular by their character names such as Winnie the Pooh, Mickey Mouse, Minions, Goofy, Donald Duck, Bugs Bunny etc... Cute doesn't mean that it has to sound "Girly", a boy's teddy's name can also rock. Few of the most common and popular teddy names abroad are Booboo, Huggie, Polo, Buddy, Snowball, Lucky, Baby Bear, Maggie, Grace, Twinky & Paws. You can also give your teddy a cute and fancy name such as Tinku, Cheeru, Kichu, Korappan, Paplu, Pico, Pinkerton, D'cruz, Sarah, Kurju, Fanny, Penguin, Stella, Tuttu, Dido, Glory and so on...

Materials Required to make a Soft Toy

Making a Soft Toy / Stuffed Toy

20+ Best Soft Toys of 2021
Colourful Caterpillar Candy Pink Bunny Mickey Mouse Microfibre Soft Toy of a Turtle Little Yellow Rabbit with Red Cheeks Baby Pink Teddy with Brown Bow Pink Cute Teddy with a Heart and Hat Plush Soft Toy Cute little Calf looking at you Stuffed Toy of Pluto Rabbit bitting a carrot Red and White Little Teddy Bear Minions make you smile Sky Blue Teddy Bear Kangaroo with Joeys Stuffed Toy of Bugs Bunny Pink Rabbit holding Waste Basket Stuffed Toy of Donald Duck Cute Kitten Teddy Bear hugging each other White and Blue Cat White Polar Bear Big Cream Teddy Bear
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