13 May 2024


Janaki Krishna

Cherry Blossom Chic

The T & M Signature dress invites you to discover Ahaana Krishna's bridal enchantment by fusing cherry blossom pink allure with mermaid grace.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna

Japanese Artistry

'RENA' Collection is influenced by the vibrant whimsy & artistic diversity of Japanese culture, combining both beauty & tradition.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna

Crafted Elegance

Ahaana embodies elegance & sophistication in her sleeveless dress, which is adorned with beautiful embroidery and intricate bead work.

Cultural Fusion

The 'RENA' Collection gracefully & enticingly bridges the gap between tradition & contemporary by combining Eastern and Indo customs.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna
Jikson's Lens

Jikson Francis masterfully evokes the entrancing charm of Ahaana Krishna in front of a traditional Japanese-inspired environment.

Ahaana's Glossy Glam

Priyanka Jose gave Ahaana the appearance of a Japanese bride with her glossy makeup, shinning red lips and winged eyebrows.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna
Pearl Perfection

She accessorizes herself with gorgeous finger rings, drop earrings and a choker with pearls hanging from it, all designed by M.O.D. Signature Jewellery.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna
Sleek Style

Ahaana's elegant haircut, which draws inspiration from Japan and is styled with a hair stick, gives her bridal ensemble a charming touch.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna
Styling Brilliance

Ahaana was expertly styled by Afsheen Shajahan, who completes the entrancing beauty of this outfit by incorporating a fabric hand-fan for a hint of Japanese charm.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna
Nayanthara Citrine Saree Glamour

Discover Nayanthara's stunning look at the Dadasaheb Phalke Award Ceremony wearing citrine yellow silk saree from Ekaya Banaras steals the spotlight.