16 May 2024


Ishika Mohan

House of Masaba's Masterpiece

She wears the 'Green Mystic Saree' by House of Masaba, a marvel of raw silk with fish designs & elaborate embroidery that amplifies her attractiveness.

Photo Credits: @kritisanon

Sequin & Thread Marvel

Witness the wonder of the elaborate thread patterns & sequin embellishments on Kriti's saree, which lend refinement & beauty to her look.

Photo Credits: @kritisanon

Lotus Motifs Steal Hearts

She radiates beauty with a square neckline & cropped silhouette while sporting a spaghetti strap blouse with golden lotus designs makes a fashion statement.

Photo Credits: @kritisanon
Dual-Toned Symphony

Her saree featured a captivating striped design that captivates the senses with its elegance & vitality, inviting you to discover the appeal of dual-toned green tones.

Photo Credits: @kritisanon
Shimmering Border Delight

Her saree border was embellished with shimmering golden velvet, magnificent sequin work, complex thread embroidery & enticing foil embellishments.

Photo Credits: @kritisanon
Adrian's Creative Strokes

Adrian Jacobs' artistic direction & Nishant Gautam's camera work combine to create visual poetry that beautifully & elegantly captures Kriti's allure.

Photo Credits: @kritisanon
Soft Glam Makeup

Kriti looks glamorous with makeup by Aasif Ahmed, featuring berry-toned lips & smokey brown eyeshadow, all of which are emphasized by a green bindi.

Photo Credits: @kritisanon
Temple-inspired Treasures

She looked stunning when she wore golden earrings, stacked bangles & a statement ring from Kalyan Jewellers. The temple-inspired patterns are enhanced with gemstones and beads.

Photo Credits: @kritisanon
Centre-parted Curls

Kriti Sanon's hair, styled by Aasif Ahmed, flows in center-parted curls that radiate beauty and charm.

Photo Credits: @kritisanon
Sukriti's Fashion Flair

Her look was styled by Sukriti Grover with help from Naisha Singhvi & Baishali Baruah as well as senior stylist Vani Gupta.

Photo Credits: @kritisanon
Surbhi Jyoti flaunts in Mumbai Beach wearing a Black Saree

Surbhi Jyoti creates heat waves in the hearts of fans stuns wearing a black & silver saree on Mumbai beach, radiating elegance & grace.