Beyond the Lines: A World of Imagination & Beauty through Sketching and Illustration by Ashritha K S

Ashritha K S
Myself Ashritha, I am a Keralite and born and brought up in Sullia, Mangalore, an Arabian Sea port in the state of Karnataka. After my graduation in B.Sc Physics from Nehru Memorial College, Sullia, I pursued Diploma in Fashion Designing from Waves Institute of Fashion Designing, Kozhikode. From my childhood, I was always fond of painting and sketching. My 1st painting art became a great success and I received lot of admiration for it. The social platform Instagram became my first stepping stone in my professional career through which I got lot of appreciation for my art. Right now the current lockdown situation due to the Covid-19 pandemic has made our lifes hard but we all can make our way out of it. I have started doing art as a freelancer and I have a couple of orders in my basket right now.
Thank you for visiting my profile and surfing through my artwork. Have a wonderful day ahead!
Yours sincerely,
(Ashritha K S)
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Ashritha K S
Payyanur, Kannur
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My Sketches & Painting Arts

A Special Birthday Gift for your Mother
A Special Birthday Gift for your Mother
(Gifted by Ashritha to mother Bindu K M on her Birthday)
A Memorable Wedding Gift
A Memorable Wedding Gift
(Gifted by Neethu to friend Nayana Thomas And Ebin on their Wedding)
read Neethu's review  
Personalised Wedding Gift
Personalised Wedding Gift
(Gifted by Praveen)
read Praveen's review  
Personalised Pencil Sketch
Personalised Pencil Sketch
(Gifted by Roshini to father Shreedharan on his Birthday)
Beautiful moments of love
Beautiful moments of love in College
(Gifted by Sreemol to friend Nikita on her Wedding)
Personalised Portrait as a Birthday Gift
Personalised Portrait as a Birthday Gift
(Gifted by Ashritha to brother Ashwin on his Birthday)
Portrait Pencil Sketch as Birthday Gift
Portrait Pencil Sketch of Akhila
(Gifted by Vaishnavi to cousin Akhila on her Birthday)
read Vaishnavi's review  
Personal Portrait as Birthday Gift for Pranav
Personal Portrait as Birthday Gift
(Gifted by Devatheertha to brother Pranav on his Birthday)
read Devatheertha's review  
Grandfather Pencil Sketch Portrait
Grandfather Pencil Sketch Portrait
(Gifted by Vaishakh to grandmother Savithriamma on his Birthday)
Birthday Gift Portrait for Grandfather
Birthday Gift Portrait for Grandfather
(Gifted by Jayasurya to grandfather Narayan on her Birthday)
read Jayasurya's review  
Special Birthday Gift for Sir
Special Birthday Gift for Sir
(Gifted to sir Rugesh on his Birthday)
read Rugesh's review  
Few Gifts are always Special
Few Gifts are always special as a Portrait
(Gifted by Akhila)
read Akhila's review  
Customized Birthday Gift Portrait
Customized Birthday Gift Portrait
(Gifted to friend Neethu)
Best Portrait Birthday Gift for Friend
Best Portrait Birthday Gift for Friend
(Gifted to friend Jaysurya)
Pencil Sketch Portrait for a Friend
Beautiful Portrait Gift for your Husband
Memorable and Touching Gift for Sister
Personalised Gift for Sister
(Gifted by Akshay to sister Reshma on her Birthday)
read Akshay's review  
Beautiful Pencil Sketch Portrait Gift
Beautiful Pencil Sketch Portrait Gift
(Gifted by Reshma)
read Reshma's review  
Lovely Birthday Gift for Devika
Lovely Birthday Gift for Devika
(Gifted by Santhosh to daughter Devika on her Birthday)
read Santhosh's review  
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Reviews / Testimonials

Neethu's Photo
Thank you for helping me to add joy in her wedding with this wonderful gift you made. From the bottom of my heart, thank you and I'm so grateful to you...
  Neethu's customized gift
Praveen's Photo
Wonderful work and I give all five stars. The detailing in your painting is awesome. Gain more success. All the best!
  Praveen's customized gift
Vaishnavi's Photo
Honestly saying that was the best gift ever. And my sister completely loved it. Thanks for your portrait.
  Vaishnavi's customized gift
Devatheertha's Photo
Thank you Ashritha. I ordered it for my uncle. He was surprised and loved it very much. Once again thank you for the lovely packing and timely delivery.
  Devatheertha's customized gift
Jayasurya's Photo
I am so pleased with how quick and easy the process was between asking for a sketch and receiving the finished product. I loved the sketch very much. It was the best one. I would definitely recommend Ashritha to everyone.
  Jayasurya's custom-made gift
Rugesh's Photo
The only complaint people always have is that, I laugh very seldom. But here's a good laugh for them. And yet I laugh very loudly. It's just that you don't see it. When my smile was beautifully drawn by an artist, I was very very happy. Sister I am bowing in front of this ability.
  Rugesh's personalized gift
Akhila's Photo
Thank you Ashritha. I was really happy and I loved it very much. It is beautiful!! Nice work. Thank you so much.
  Akhila's personalized gift
Akshay's Photo
Wow beautiful. I totally loved your work. You are amazing. Keep shining Ashritha.
  Akshay's personalized gift
Reshma's Photo
Speechless. I am very happy for the beautiful sketch. Amazing work. I loved it very much. Thank you so much Ashritha. Thanks a bunch.
  Reshma's customized gift
Santhosh's Photo
Super... Very talented. Keep it up. Keep going...
  Santhosh's custom-made gift
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Happy Customers

Happy Customer - DEVIKA
Happy Customer - SREEMOL
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