Dress Designing Course & Course Syllabus

Dress Designing Course and Syllabus
You might have already heard about Dress Designing and the different courses available in Dress Designing. But have you ever thought about the difference between Fashion Designing and Dress Designing course. There are few other courses by the names - Costume Designing, Apparel Designing etc... Do you know the difference between these courses?

Dress Designing v/s Fashion Designing

A Dress Design course helps a students to develop core fundamental skills such as the basics of how to draft a pattern, applying styles, develop the skills needed to execute a garment, to improve personal responsibility and to identity the concepts of fashion. The short term course in Dress Designing with the duration of 6 months includes introduction to basic tools and principles, practical sessions & practical training in Sewing and Pattern Drafting. This course focuses more on to the implementation side of garment production and execution. Whereas most of the Fashion Designing courses are typically of longer duration of more than 12 months. A Fashion Designing courses consists all the thing right from the scratch till the end. It includes research about trends & patterns, developing prototypes and the execution of garments. The course also includes fabric analysis, fabric dyeing, trend forecasting, marketing, merchandising and techniques used in large scale industrial garment production units.

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Synopsis - Dress Design Course

This course starts by introducing students to the fashion industry and design trends. They learn right from the basics of taking accurate body measurements to drafting patterns. They study how to apply formulas with different measurements and how to draft a perfect pattern. Students are provided with hands-on training and practicals for sewing to execute and complete these patterns in the designer way. Later students are taught with various Surface Embellishment techinques to beautify the costume / garment.
Dress Design Course Syllabus
This Dress Designing Certificate course is the subset of the Fashion Designing course. This course includes 3 subjects. The duration of the course may excess 6 months depending on the practical sessions being carried out.
Subjects in Dress Designing Course
Pattern Making  
Pattern is the template from which the parts of a garment are traced onto fabric before being cut out and assembled.
  • Standard Measurements.
  • Technical terms in Tailoring.
  • How to take Body Measurements.
  • Child's Bodice Block.
  • Different types of Child's Sleeves, Collars, Skirts, Jump suit.
  • Petticoat.
  • Layout of Frock.
  • Adult's Bodice Block
  • Different types of Adult's Sleeves, Collars, Salwars, Kameez, Nighty, Gown.
  • Sari Blouse.
  • Kurtas, Pyjama.
  • Gents Shirt and Pants.
  • Submission of Record.
Clothing Construction  
Clothing Construction is the final process before completing the garment by addings buttons, sequins, bead work and hand stitches.
  • Sewing Machine Parts.
  • Faults and Rectifications.
  • Sewing Equipments.
  • Basic Hand Stitches.
  • Different Types of Seams.
  • Plackets, Pockets, Necklines.
  • Pleats, Tucks.
  • Garment Stitching of Designer Frock.
  • Skirt & Top, Salwar & Kameez, Sari Blouse.
Surface Ornamentation  
Students learn various techniques such as designer stitches, embroideries for surface enrichments which emphasis the garment.
  • Basic Embroidery Stitches (50 numbers).
  • Traditional handwork of different states of India.
  • Different methods of Fabric Painting.
  • Warli Painting.
  • Tie & Dye.
  • Mirror Work.
  • Ribbon Work.
  • Decorative Stitches.
  • Traditional Embroidery.
  • Metal Embroidery.
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