Fabric Mural Painting

The term "Mural" is derived from the Latin word "Murus" which means "Wall". Mural refers to wall decoration or painting on tangible objects like ceiling, walls or any large surfaces. Kerala Murals stands out with their beauty, clarity and accuracy. Among all Paintings, the Traditional Kerala Mural Paintings is world's one of the most unique arts. It is the symbol of royality and wealth. Five colours, Red, Black, Green, White and Yellow make up the colour scheme of Kerala Murals which is also known as Panchvarna.

About Fabric Mural Painting

Traditional Mural Painting is a very hard and vigorous task which takes years of learning and experience. Whereas Fabric Mural Painting is an easier art which is usually performed to create beautiful designs on costumes like Saree, Tops, Skirts and even on shirts. It can be done just using Stencil or Sketch of a Mural design, couple of colors of Fabric Paints, few Brushes, 1 Frame, Pencil and a fabric. No prior sketching or drawing skills are required. You just need to know basic painting techniques which is more than enough to create a beautiful Mural Painting on Fabric.

Learning Fabric Mural Painting

Waves Institute of Fashion Designing conducts both FREE and PAID Workshops on Fabric Mural Painting occasionally. You can attend these 1-2 days workshops to learn how to create amazing Mural Paintings on Sarees and other costumes.
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Fabric Mural Painting Workshop
Fabric Mural Painting - 1
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 2
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 3
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 4
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 5
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 6
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 7
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 8
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 9
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 10
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 11
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 12
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 13
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 14
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Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 16
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 17
Fabric Mural Painting 2018 - 18
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