Apparel Pattern Making with Computer Aided Design (CAD)

Certificate in Apparel Pattern Making with Computer Aided Design (CAD)
About Computer Aided Design (CAD)
The software used for Pattern Making is also known as CAD. CAD is becoming more and more popular these days and is a essential software in Garment Export House and large scale apparel business. A CAD system is used for Pattern Making and Pattern Grading. CAD software helps garment manufacturers to maximize the productivity and accuracy in creating patterns. This short term introductory programme in Apparel Pattern Making With Computer Aided Design (CAD) trains fashion professionals with a wide range of skills from conventional pattern making techniques to the introduction of advanced digital tools. Students acquire the basic knowledge of figures and styles interpretation. They also learn the basis of how to create new models, pattern placement techniques and to create basic prototypes and samples.
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Key Facts
   1 week
  Certificate Course
   Online Course (E-learning)
   Certificate by AMHSSC
   Female only
   No Age Limits
   SSLC or Plus 2
   FREE Optitex Software*
   20 seats

Brief Course Contents

  • Students will be introduced to Computer Aided Systems (CAD) and Software that are currently being used in the Pattern Development of the Apparel Industry.
  • The processes followed in the Industrial CAD departments to get the most out of CAD pattern making systems.
  • The advantages of CAD Pattern Making Systems in the sampling and production department as compared to manual operations.
  • A brief to the recent trend in CAD Pattern making software available in Indian apparel industry.
  • Basics of Optitex CAD Pattern making system which is the most widely used in Indian apparel Industry.
  • Development of a 2D Pattern and its real time advantages on manual pattern development process.
  • Introduction to CAD Pattern Grading with a live example.
  • Introduction to CAD Marker layout development with a live example.
  • Introduction to 3D CAD Pattern simulations & stitching and its practical applications in the Apparel Industry.
  • Scope and future of CAD systems in view of the current Industrial scenario.

Course Benefits

  • Students would acquire knowledge in the field of CAD systems and CAD Pattern making systems and its practical applications in the real industry operations.
  • Students would learn about the latest CAD Pattern making software and its scope & future in the garments Industry.
  • They would also gain knowledge on CAD Apparel Grading and automatic Marker layouts.
  • Students would learn about the live 3D Pattern simulation on a digital model.

Certificate & Freebies

Apparel Made-ups and Home Furnishing
  • FREE Optitex Software* to all students which can be accessed and used for lifetime (Optional).
  • Certificate from Center of Excellence - Apparel, Made Up's Home Furnishing Sector Skill Council (AMHSSC).
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