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Jewellery Designing

Jewellery Designing

Jewellery has always been a women's first love. We have always admired a good design, ever wondered how such great designs are created? The art of jewellery designing is one that requires training, creativity and most of all an eye for detail. WIFD provides inspiring women with an opportunity to learn and imbibe jewellery designing as a career. Institute aim's to train students to adapt and develop aesthetics of Jewellery Designing. WIFD offers 1 year Diploma in Jewellery Designing in association with NSDC (National Skill Development Corporation), creating a unique opportunity for students to get hands-on experience from practical based learning to develop, innovate and exude excellence in the world of Jewellery. The Jewellery Designing course offers students with the unique opportunity to acquire a Diploma with an in-depth understanding of jewellery design, gemology, merchandising and jewellery manufacturing.
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Scope of Jewellery Designing Diploma Course

The career opportunities in the field of Jewellery Designing is very vast today, as a Jewellery Designer can begin her career in various areas according to her interest and capability, such as:
  • Jewellery Designer
  • Jewellery Merchandiser
  • Production Manager
  • Lecturer
  • Jewellery Maker & Innovator
  • Manager in Museum & Art Gallery
  • Illustrator
  • Entrepreneur
  • Gemstone Appraiser
  • Gem Assorter
  • Jewellery Historian
  • Grading Consultant
Designing with gem stones

Be a Jewellery Designer & Rule the Designing World

Institute focuses on providing the latest infrastructure and facilities for the students to learn about Jewellery Designing. The classes for Jewellery Designing program is very different, in which students get experience with practicals and internship.
Theory Sessions
Theory Sessions
Students Work
Students Work
Creative Designing
Creative Designing
Practical Workshop
Practical Workshop
NAAC Accreditation
NAAC Accreditation
Work by Students
Work by Students

Top Reasons to choose Jewellery Designing at our Institute

Design Concept
  • Basic Concepts of Design
  • Free Hand Drawing & Sketching
  • Rendering Techniques & Designing
  • Portfolio Designing
Marketing & Law
  • Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)
  • Marketing Concepts
  • Advertisement & Brand Building
  • Marketing & Product Costing
  • Concepts of Gemology
  • Properties of Gemstone
  • Diamond Grading & Sorting
  • Gem Stone Identification
Computer Automation
  • Photoshop, Coreldraw
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • CAD using Rhino Software
  • History & Art of Jewellery
  • Socio-Economic Foundations of Jewellery
  • Hallmarking & Manufacturing
  • Faults & Rectifications
  • Quality Controlling
  • Merchandising
Course Duration  :  1 year
Course Type  :  Diploma
Certification  :  NSDC
Next Batch  :  June 2018
Eligibility  :  12th or equivalent
Gender  :  Female only
Uniform  :  No
Hostel  :  Available
Study materials  :  Provided
Intake  :  25 seats
Class Schedule
Timings  :  9:15 AM - 3:15 PM
Monday - Friday (5 days / week)
Study Centre for Jewellery Designing
Providence Women's College, Kozhikode, Kerala
Providence College branch
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Providence Women's College is the oldest Women's Arts and Science College in the Malabar region of Kerala, South India. Nestled atop the scenic Florican Hill, provides the ideal ambience for pursuits in education.
Internship & Certification
Malabar Gold and Diamonds
Laiqa Gold and Diamonds
Oriz The Jewel Boutique
National Skill Development Corporation
Detailed Jewellery Designing Course Syllabus
  • Pre-historic art from various part of the world
    • Ancient civilizations
      • Indus Valley, Egyptian, Babylonian
      • Greek, Roman, Iranian
    • Indian History of Art
      (Significant periods under a Dynasty different periods)
      • Mauryan, Sunga, Gupta, Kushan
      • Chandella, Mughal, Tribal
    • World History
      • African, Japanese
      • Chinese, European
  • Basic Concepts of Design
    • What is Design?
      • Design Sources
      • Creativity and Design process
    • Pattern in combination
      • Repetition, Rotation
      • Mirroring, Graduation
      • Exaggeration
    • Elements of Design
    • Principals of Design
    • Stone Setting
    • Clasps, Chains
    • Enhancement of a design using techniques of decoration
    • Size parameters of the Jewellery Design
  • Free Hand Drawing and Sketching (PRACTICAL 1)
    • Construction & Analytical Method
    • Relation between size
    • Scale and Proportion
    • Perspective Drawing
    • Free Hand Drawing
    • Black & White and Color Rendering
    • Live Drawing
  • Rendering Techniques & Designing (PRACTICAL 2)
    • Basic Designing & Rendering
    • Rendering of different Metals & Stones
  • Portfolio Designing (PRACTICAL 3)
    • Women's, Kid's, Men's Jewellery Designing
    • Inspiration Board
    • Costume Jewellery
    • Situation Test
  • Diamond Grading, Sorting & Gem Stone Identification (PRACTICAL 4)
    • Importance of Diamond Grading and Certification
    • Inclusions and Blemishes in Diamonds
      • Cut Grading
      • Clarity Grading
      • Colour Grading
      • Cart Grading
    • Identification of Imitations
    • Identification of Synthetic Diamonds
  • Manufacturing & Hallmarking
    • Introduction to Jewellery Manufacturing
      • Flowchart, Process
      • Parameter, Electroplating
    • Casting
      • Jewellery Casting Methods
      • Investment Casting
      • Sand Casting
    • Cynaide Bombing
    • Introduction to Metallurgy
      • Metals and Nonmetals
      • Ferrous, Nonferrous
      • Properties of Metal
      • Density of Metal
    • Precious metals used in Jewellery
      • Features & Applications
    • Alloys
      • Importance of alloying
      • Master alloys for different carat and colours
    • Granulation
      • Carat calculation for alloys
      • Concept of troy ounce in precious metals
      • Physical properties and changes in gold, silver & copper alloy
    • Assaying, Gold Assaying & it's importance
      • Methods & Difficulties
    • Hallmarking
      • Customer angle
      • Role of BIS
  • Socio Economic Foundations of Jewellery
    • Introduction to the social system of India
      • Caste System
      • Value System
    • Traditions & Religious Beliefs
    • Jewellery & Social Identification
    • Tribal, Rural & Urban preferences of Jewellery
    • Jewellery on Social Symbol
    • Jewellery as an investment and cover against risk
  • Computer Aided Designing (PRACTICAL 5)
    • CAD using Rhino
    • Photoshop, CorelDraw
    • Adobe Illustration
  • Export Procedure
    • International Trade
      • Features of International Trade
      • Advantages & Limitations
      • Home Trade v/s International Trade
      • Documents involved in Export Trade
      • Trade barrier and Trade blocks
    • Export Trade & Procedure
    • Export Assistance & Incentives
    • Export Coasting and Pricing
    • Export Promotion
  • Properties of Gemstones
    • Physical properties of Gemstones
      • Hardness, Hardness Scale, Differential Hardness
      • Cleavage, Parting, Toughness, Specific gravity
      • Hydrostatic & Heavy Liquids Method
    • Crustolography of Gemstones
      • Seven Crystal System
      • Crystal Axis
      • Elements of symmetry
    • Crystal Forms & Habits
    • Types of Twinned Crystals
    • Surface marking
    • Identification of rough crystals by observation
      • Rubies & Saphires
      • Beryl group - Emerald
      • Aquamarines
    • Quartsgroup:Various types of quartz crystalline and cryptocrystalline
    • Garnet and feldspar group
      • Tourmaline
      • Topaz
      • Peridot
    • Synthesis of Coloured Stones
    • Synthesis of Diamonds
    • Physical and Optical properties of Diamonds
      • Cutting
      • Polishing
      • Simulants & Identification
    • Natural inclusions
      • Polishing
      • Faceting
      • Clarity & Colour Grades
  • Indian & International Jewellery Market
    • Structure of the Jewellery Industry
    • Foreign Design influence in the Industry
    • European, American & Middle East Market
    • Indian Design influence in the market
    • South, North, East & West Indian market
    • Indian & International Jewellery Designers
  • Marketing, Advertisement & Brand Building
    • Retail operations and logistics
    • Trade promotions
    • Legal aspects in Trading
    • Strategy Management
    • Introduction to basic marketing concept
      • Market Research & Product Management
      • Sales & Brand Management
    • Space and Layout Management
  • Internship
    • Final designs complete ensembles
    • Submission of research booklet and presentation

" Clothes mean nothing until someone lives in them " ~ Marc Jacobs
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