Pooja Hedge's Traditional Banarasi Saree

Discover Pooja Hedge's stunning traditional avatar in a bright yellow Banarasi saree by Rajyalakshmi Heritage Banaras Sarees.

Pooja Hedge's Ethereal Ethnic Inspiration

Pooja Hedge embodies traditional splendor in a stunning Mangalorian attire, radiating elegance and grace, perfect for any bridal occasion.

Photo Credits: @hegdepooja

Golden Glow Luxe Banarasi Masterpiece

A Banarasi marvel, this rich golden yellow saree by Rajyalakshmi Heritage exudes opulence with its intricate meenakari shikargha weave, a timeless statement of grace.

Photo Credits: @hegdepooja

Backless Glamour | Gold Accents

Complementing the Banarasi saree, the matching backless blouse, adorned with intricate gold work, accentuates femininity and allure, epitomizing timeless sophistication.

Photo Credits: @hegdepooja
Nude Palette | Subtle Glow

Enhancing natural beauty, the subtle makeup palette, featuring nude shades and soft highlights, complements the traditional look with understated sophistication and grace.

Photo Credits: @hegdepooja
Dazzling Decadence | Diamond Delight

Elevating the ensemble, heavy diamond jewelry, including a choker necklace with a green emerald, exudes luxury and sophistication, adding a regal touch to the traditional attire.

Photo Credits: @hegdepooja
Floral Elegance | Gajra Glamour

Completing the look, the low ponytail adorned with gajra exudes traditional charm and elegance, adding a touch of floral beauty to the overall ensemble.

Photo Credits: @hegdepooja
Fashion Maestro | Ashwin Mawle's Touch

Styled by celebrity fashion guru Ashwin Mawle, the ensemble epitomizes timeless sophistication and elegance, showcasing the perfect fusion of tradition and modernity.

Photo Credits: @hegdepooja
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