Malavika stuns in Sabyasachi's Wild Wonder

Join Malavika Mohanan's wild fashion journey in a stunning Sabyasachi silk shirt, celebrating iconic wildlife motifs.

Sabyasachi's Limited Collection

'Wild Wonderful World' collection by Sabyasachi, features limited edition silk shirts adorned with prints inspired by tropical flora & fauna, a testament to the designer's artistic vision.

Photo Credits: @malavikamohanan_

Sabyasachi's Bengal Royale Chains

The statement chains from 'The Bengal Royale' collection by Sabyasachi, crafted in 18k gold with gemstones, added a touch of regal elegance to Malavika's outfit.

Photo Credits: @malavikamohanan_

Tear Drop Statement Earrings

The multi-color tear drop earrings adorned with gemstones, added a hint of sparkle and sophistication to her attire.

Photo Credits: @malavikamohanan_
Open Waves, Effortless Elegance

Malavika's hairstyle, left open with waves, perfectly complemented her Sabyasachi Silk Shirt ensemble with effortless grace.

Photo Credits: @malavikamohanan_
Creative Capture, Palash's Lens

The creativity of Palash Verma's photography, capturing Malavika's style with finesse and flair, added depth to her fashion narrative.

Photo Credits: @malavikamohanan_
The Calcutta Sling

The black sling bag from the 'The Calcutta Sling' collection by Sabyasachi, featured a golden logo, that stole everyone's attention.

Photo Credits: @malavikamohanan_
Accessory Affair, Jewel Adornments

Admire Malavika's choice of Bangles, Rings & a Ray Ban Black Goggles, adding a dash of glamour to her ensemble, showcasing her impeccable style.

Photo Credits: @malavikamohanan_
Wild Beauty, Instagram Glam

Malavika's Instagram post captioned 'All things wild', showcasing her love for nature-inspired fashion, inspiring fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

Photo Credits: @malavikamohanan_
Black Bottom Bliss

Her choice of black bottom, provided a perfect contrast to highlight the vibrant artwork on her Sabyasachi silk shirt.

Photo Credits: @malavikamohanan_
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