Eesha Rebba stuns in Six Yards of Vibrant Orange Color

Eesha Rebba looks radiant in a vibrant orange saree that flaunts her curves perfectly.

Orange Crush | Borderless Beauty

Eesha Rebba's saree is a vision of elegance in plain orange, designed by 'Label Swarupa Sathakarni'.

Photo Credits: @yourseesha

Sleeves in a Riot

Eesha's 3/4 length sleeve blouse features intricate colorful designs and a broad golden border, with a sexy square back and string tie.

Photo Credits: @yourseesha

Metallic Magic | Earrings with Flair

Her choice of metallic Jhumkas with peacock carvings accentuate her jawline beautifully.

Photo Credits: @yourseesha
Prashun's Perfect Clicks

Experience the mesmerizing photography of Eesha Rebba by 'Prashun Prashanth Sridhar', capturing her beauty in every frame.

Photo Credits: @yourseesha
Red Lipstick & Glossy Makeup Glow

Eesha's radiant look with red lipstick and glossy makeup, enhancing her natural beauty.

Photo Credits: @yourseesha
Beauty with Confidence

Eesha Rebba oozes sensuality in her striking poses for the camera.

Photo Credits: @yourseesha
Sexy Nose Ring

She completes her look with a sexy nose ring and statement metallic finger rings.

Photo Credits: @yourseesha
Wavy Hair Perfection

Her wavy open hairstyle was styled to perfection by 'MK Shine Makeover Artistry'.

Photo Credits: @yourseesha
Peach Sandals | Trendy Footwear

Eesha finishes her look with chic peach sandals featuring transparent front straps.

Photo Credits: @yourseesha
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