Ashika Ranganath elevating fashion in Royal Azure Blue Saree

Ashika Ranganath dazzles in the trailer launch of Avatarapurusha 2 wearing a plain blue saree, setting the stage for a captivating narrative.

Ashika Unveils Avatarapurusha 2

Ashika Ranganath turns heads in a Royal Azure Blue Saree at the Avatarapurusha 2 trailer launch.

Photo Credits: @ashika_rangnath

Ashika's Saree from Sai Tanarya

Her plain satin saree from Sai Tanarya is a sight to behold. Its glossy finish adds to its elegance and sophistication.

Photo Credits: @ashika_rangnath

Bold Backless Blouse Style

In a sleeveless, backless blouse, Ashika stuns with a revealing deep square neckline and narrow straps.

Photo Credits: @ashika_rangnath
Vibrancy of Royal Azure Blue

The eye-catching royal azure blue saree is a perfect blend of style and color. Its vibrant hue is sure to capture the attention of all those eyes.

Photo Credits: @ashika_rangnath
Captivating Clicks by Umesh

Umesh B C captures Ashika's beauty with mesmerizing photography, adding depth to her story.

Photo Credits: @ashika_rangnath
Indira Visage's Glam Touch

With red glossy lips and a glowy face, Ashika dazzles in simple yet glamorous makeup by Indira Visage.

Photo Credits: @ashika_rangnath
Paramesh Kammari's Chic Style

Styled by Paramesh Kammari, Ashika sports a chic ponytail with strands of curls framing her face.

Vivant Gold's Sparkling Accents

Adorned in exquisite jewellery by Vivant Gold and Diamonds, Ashika shines with white stone accents wearing a chuti and a necklace.

Photo Credits: @ashika_rangnath
Aishwarya Sai K's Fashion Flair

Under the guidance of Aishwarya Sai K, Ashika showcases impeccable style, elevating her presence.

Photo Credits: @ashika_rangnath
Heartthrob Srinidhi Shetty's White Floral Saree Look

Srinidhi Shetty shines in a stunning white saree adorned with Kalap floral prints, complemented by pink flowers and green leaves.