Anusree poses with confidence in a Traditional Fog Grey Saree

Anusree's love for saree is clearly evident as she opts for a traditional fog grey color saree by Supriya Kondayath.

Handloom Heritage

Dive into the details of Anusree's handloom saree with a broad golden border from 'Pichakam by Supriya Kondayath'.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv

Designer's Touch

Admire the intricacies of Anusree's matching blouse designed by Sabari Nath and executed by Arun Vasudevan.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv

Heritage Captured Essence

Explore the stunning photography of Anusree by Nithin Narayanan at the picturesque location of Kanavu Heritage, assisted by the talented photographer Jagan.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
Traditional Jewels Splendor

Delve into the traditional jewellery ensemble of Anusree by Akshaya Gold & Diamonds, featuring a traditional long chain, a traditional bangle, finger ring & nose ring.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
Minimalist Beauty Brilliance

Uncover the beauty secrets behind Anusree's simple makeup by Pinky Visal, featuring matte lips and a small bindi.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
Beaded Border Brilliance

Anusree's matching blouse features a scoop neck and half length sleeves. The hemline of the neck and the board border of the sleeves are adorned with beads work to complement the saree.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
Anusree's Social Post

In her Instagram post, she said - 'Wearing traditional attire can instill a sense of confidence, connecting you with your cultural roots and heritage while making a statement of timeless elegance'.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
Priya Varrier changes the fashion game with a Floral Saree

Priya Prakash Varrier captivates in a floral saree with a sleeveless blouse from 'Pranaah', exuding timeless grace and allure.