Ahaana Krishna looks fairy in a White Sleeveless Gown

Ahaana Krishna shines in Santinni's White Sleeveless Dreamy Gown during her holiday at Iceland.

Sleek Santinni Elegance

She dons a sleeveless white gown from the racks of the brand 'Santinni', exuding timeless sophistication.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna

Ahaana's Neckline Charm

Ahaana flaunts a sweetheart neckline, adding allure with a revealing yet stylish cut at the center.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna

Flowing Skirt Grace

Her long flowing skirt with a net overlay perfectly complements the fitted top, enhancing her graceful silhouette.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna
Floral Embroidery Chic

Ahaana enchants in an off-the-shoulder gown adorned with delicate floral embroidery in white threads over sheer fabric.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna
Ahaana's Makeup Charm

With simple makeup and red lips, Ahaana exudes timeless beauty on her Icelandic getaway.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna
Ahaana's Windswept Hairstyle

Ahaana's messy, windswept hairstyle flows with the Icelandic breeze, adding a touch of natural charm.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna
Ahaana's Sleeve Style

She rocks statement sleeves, featuring a variation of balloon sleeve from mid-biceps to wrist on a white sheer fabric revealing her glowy skin underneath.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna
Icelandic Moss Magic

Amidst Iceland's mossy landscape, Ahaana captivates with her natural beauty and charm.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna
Starry Icelandic Mood

She captions her post with 'Icelandic moss & some stardust', encapsulating the magic of her holiday. She also mentioned about the 2 Degree Celsius weather on her post.

Photo Credits: @ahaana_krishna
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