10 Unique Outfits of Urfi Javed you must see

Discover Urfi Javed's ingenious fashion flair with a dress crafted from wooden cloth hanging clips, one of her 10 unique outfits...

Floral Fusion | Urfi's Racquet Couture

Urfi transforms tennis racquets into a stunning fashion statement, merging floral elegance with sporty flair.

Photo Credits: @urf7i

Urfi's Magical Black Gown

She mesmerizes in a Black gown adorned with 3D flowers, leaves & butterflies, creating a whimsical charm. The butterflies flew away at her clap during an Awards Night.

Photo Credits: @urf7i

Beat the Heat with Rotating Fans

This time she flaunts a unique summer dress with rotating fans over her bralette with noodle straps, paired elegantly with a black pants.

Photo Credits: @urf7i
Gadda Glam, Mattress Inspired

She stuns in a mattress-inspired outfit, pairing electric blue top, a beige skirt & a long mattress-inspired tail, asking fans for their verdict on her daring outfit.

Photo Credits: @urf7i
Galaxy Chic | Urfi's Stellar Outfit

She wows in her unique universe-inspired attire, a cylindrical dress featuring small planets & twinkling lights, embodying the beauty of the cosmos.

Photo Credits: @urf7i
Plastic Spoon Fashion

She captivates as the 'Plastic Ocean Mermaid', donning striking plastic spoons painted in red complemented by black lingerie and a thigh-covering skirt, redefining avant-garde fashion.

Photo Credits: @urf7i
Cigarette Butt Couture

Urfi Javed wows her fans with a daring fashion statement, donning a dress crafted from used cigarette butts, featuring an eye-catching neckline.

Photo Credits: @urf7i
Urfi's Comb Creation

Urfi flaunts her bold fashion statement in a dress crafted from colorful combs, intricately tied together with a touch of gold, earning admiration with her innovative style.

Photo Credits: @urf7i
Eco-Chic Forest Fashion

She showcases her unique style with tree-transitioning outfits adorned with tree bark and tiny plants.

Photo Credits: @urf7i
Wooden Clips Couture

She dazzles in an outfit ingeniously made from wooden cloth hanging clips, reflecting her bold and inventive style.

Photo Credits: @urf7i
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