Sonam Styles in a White Shirt & Blue Skirt

Sonam Kapoor stuns in a timeless white shirt and light blue pleated skirt with train, perfect for summer.

Sonam's Luxe Silk Shirt

Sonam's White Shirt by 'The Row' is a luxurious choice in soft silk, featuring a pointed collar and rolled-up sleeves for a relaxed touch.

Photo Credits: @sonamkapoor

Blue Elegance | Sonam's Pleated Perfection

Sonam Kapoor flaunts a Carolina Herrera blue floor-length skirt with a pleated pattern, creating a high-waisted, flowing silhouette.

Photo Credits: @sonamkapoor

Hermes Bag Completes Look

She accessorizes with a striking contrast color bag from 'Hermes', adding a pop of color to her ensemble.

Photo Credits: @sonamkapoor
Glam Goggles | Dior Delight

Sonam's dark-tinted Christian Dior sunglasses add a touch of mystery to her elegant summer outfit.

Photo Credits: @sonamkapoor
Picture Perfect, Kunal Gupta's Vision

Photographer Kunal Gupta perfectly captures Sonam's summer style in these stunning photos with the lushy green leaves at the background.

Photo Credits: @sonamkapoor
Mehak's Makeup Marvel

Makeup artist 'Mehak Oberoi' creates a flawless matte look with subtle eyeshadow and nude lipstick for her summer outfit.

Photo Credits: @sonamkapoor
Zoya Jewels Shine Bright

Sonam's diamond stud earrings, gold wristwatch and rings from Zoya Jewels add a touch of sparkle to her elegant look.

Photo Credits: @sonamkapoor
Hrishikesh's Hair Highlight

Hairstylist Hrishikesh Naskar elegantly ties Sonam Kapoor's dark, luscious locks into a combed-back bun, perfect for the summer.

Photo Credits: @sonamkapoor
Classic White Shoes

She completes her ensemble with White Formal Shoes from 'The Row', adding a touch of refinement to her look.

Photo Credits: @sonamkapoor
Masterful Summer Styling

Rhea Kapoor and Abhilasha Devnani's styling adds finesse to Sonam Kapoor's ensemble, showcasing their expertise in fashion curation.

Photo Credits: @sonamkapoor
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