Priyamani turns a Blue Saree really beautiful with her elegant drape

Priya Mani looks breathtaking in a stunning blue saree by 'Sue Mue', adorned with silver thread, white stones & a silver lace hemline.

Silver Border Charm

Priya's saree boasts a heavily worked broad border, embroidered with silver thread and adorned with sparkling white stones.

Photo Credits: @pillumani

Delicate Floral Pattern

The body of the saree showcases a simple yet captivating design. Four sequences are meticulously arranged in a floral pattern, with each motif spaced out for a touch of minimalism.

Photo Credits: @pillumani

Chic Silver Blouse

She pairs her saree with a silver blouse, boasting a scoop neckline with blue piping. The half sleeves are adorned with blue lines resembling a check pattern, accentuated by a beautiful stone embedded at its center.

Photo Credits: @pillumani
Styled to Perfection by Abhinav

Captured by Vidhi Dwivedi's lens and styled by Abhinav, Priya Mani radiates elegance in every frame.

Photo Credits: @pillumani
Curio Cottage Jewellery

Long, hanging silver earrings with multiple tiers adorned with blue stones steal the show, while a statement finger ring featuring a large blue stone from the brand Curio Cottage, completes the ensemble.

Photo Credits: @pillumani
Captivating Blue Moments

Sharing this stunning look on Instagram, Priya Mani captioned the post with the words 'Blue... The colour of Eternity'.

Photo Credits: @pillumani
Sleek Bun Elegance

Styled by Shobha Hawale, Priya's neatly set hair in a bun adds a touch of sophistication to her look.

Photo Credits: @pillumani
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