Priyamani stuns in a Red & White Saree

Priyamani stuns audience in a 'Red Raspberry Sari' during the promotion of her upcoming movie 'Maidaan'.

Mull Cotton Magic | Whencut's Splendor

Priyamani's saree from the brand 'Whencut Goddamn' is crafted from luxurious mull cotton fabric for a perfect blend of comfort and style.

Photo Credits: @pillumani

Sensational Scoop | Red Blouse Beauty

Admire Priyamani's sleeveless red blouse with a scoop neck and deep back, perfectly complementing her figure and adding allure to her ensemble.

Photo Credits: @pillumani

Free-flowing Grace

Her hair flows freely, adding a touch of natural elegance to her stunning look during the 'Maidaan' movie promotion.

Photo Credits: @pillumani
Vibrant Contrast & Print Fantasy

Delve into the vibrant red prints over a white base, adorning Priyamani's half and half sari, creating a bold and captivating contrast that demands attention.

Photo Credits: @pillumani
Minimalist Makeup Magic

Her makeup by Shobha Hawale & Pradeep Doiphode features minimum makeup, enhancing her natural beauty with nude pink lips and shaped eyebrows.

Photo Credits: @pillumani
Styling Splendor by Abhinav

Witness the expert styling of Abhinav, ensuring Priyamani shines with sophistication and grace.

Photo Credits: @pillumani
Hitak's Lens | Photography Perfection

The stunning photography by Hitak, captured Priyamani's beauty even in the most simple attire.

Photo Credits: @pillumani
Elegant Earrings | Aquamarine's Grace

Admire Priyamani's minimalist jewelry from 'Aquamarine Jewellery', with only a long earring adorning her traditional look, accentuating her elegance.

Photo Credits: @pillumani
Iswarya Menon sparkles in a Shimmery Sky Blue Half Saree

Iswarya Menon stuns in a sky blue sheer half-saree adorned with sequins, setting the stage for a mesmerizing fashion tale.