Nayanthara Citrine Saree Glamour

Discover Nayanthara's stunning look at the Dadasaheb Phalke Award Ceremony wearing citrine yellow silk saree from Ekaya Banaras steals the spotlight.

Regal Saree Ensemble

Explore Nayanthara's mesmerizing ensemble at the Dadasaheb Phalke Award Ceremony. Adorned in a handwoven citrine yellow silk saree by Ekaya Banaras, paired with complementing blouse, sleek bun and opulent gold jewelry.

Photo Credits: @nayanthara

Handwoven Elegance | Citrine Silk Beauty

Nayanthara wore a citrine yellow silk saree by Ekaya Banaras. This lightweight silk drapes beautifully, accentuating her warm skin tone, while the self-colored border adds a touch of traditional sophistication.

Photo Credits: @nayanthara

Sleeveless, Plunging Neckline Charm

Nayanthara's matching sleeveless blouse, features a plunging neckline and cropped hem, perfectly complementing her traditional saree ensemble. The scooped back with a tie adds a touch of contemporary flair.

Photo Credits: @nayanthara
Sleek Bun Sophistication

Unveil the elegance of Nayanthara's sleek bun, styled by the talented Seema Mane. This sophisticated hairstyle perfectly complements her traditional saree look.

Photo Credits: @nayanthara
Flawless Makeup Magic

Experience the magic of Nayanthara's makeup by Savleen Kaur Manchanda. From mascara-laden lashes to blushed cheeks and soft smokey eyes, topped with glossy pink lips and a small black bindi, she radiates timeless beauty.

Photo Credits: @nayanthara
Gold Glamour Ensemble

Explore Nayanthara's opulent gold jewelry ensemble, including a choker necklace, matching earrings and a stack of bangles. Each piece adds a touch of glamour to her traditional saree look, elevating her elegance.

Photo Credits: @nayanthara
Nayanthara's Fashion Guru Mastermind

Meet the masterminds behind Nayanthara's impeccable style, Allia Al Rufai & Nayaab. Their expert styling transforms her into a vision of elegance and sophistication, capturing the essence of traditional charm with a contemporary twist.

Photo Credits: @nayanthara
Citrine | Radiant Color Palette

Discover the significance of Nayanthara's choice of citrine yellow for her saree ensemble. This vibrant hue not only complements her warm skin tone but also radiates energy and joy, making a bold fashion statement at the prestigious award ceremony.

Photo Credits: @nayanthara
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