Manushi changes the fashion game with an Ivory Mermaid Dress

Embark on a glamorous journey with Manushi Chhillar as she showcases her stunning fashion choices & timeless elegance.

Sky Blue Fringed Beauty

She showcases a sky blue fur fringed jacket placed over her shoulders, perfectly designed by 'Ivany Young'.

Photo Credits: @manushi_chhillar

Stunning Strapless Gown

Manushi's sequin-fringed strapless gown was from the racks of the designer brand 'Falguni Shane Peacock India', shined with every movement.

Photo Credits: @manushi_chhillar

Artistry by Sheefa

Sheefa's amazing artistry brings out the elegance in every shot of Manushi's stunning photoshoot.

Photo Credits: @manushi_chhillar
Natural Beauty Enhance

Manushi flaunts a classic natural makeup look with shimmery eyes & pink lips, enhancing her timeless beauty.

Photo Credits: @manushi_chhillar
Luxurious Jewellery Choice

Adorned in Renu Oberoi's luxurious Diamond Jewellery, Manushi shines with a silver & diamond choker, ear studs and an emerald stone ring.

Photo Credits: @manushi_chhillar
Voluminous Waves, Elegant Bun

With voluminous waves and an elegant bun, Manushi's hairstyle exudes sophistication and charm.

Photo Credits: @manushi_chhillar
Beige Stiletto Style

Manushi completes her look with chic beige stilettos, adding a touch of style and comfort.

Photo Credits: @manushi_chhillar
Fashion Wizards

Styled by Kareena Desai & Jhanvi Khatwani, Manushi's looks are crafted with magic and precision, reflecting their expertise in the world of fashion.

Photo Credits: @manushi_chhillar
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