Anusree's Blouseless Saree Style

Actress Anusree Nair stuns in a traditional saree, ditching the blouse for a bold and sensual look.

Seematti's Regal Radiance

She dazzles in a Seematti saree, boasting a deep purple hue with a striking red Jerry border.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv

Sensual Boldness

Anusree ditches the blouse for a bold and sensuous photoshoot, revealing her skin for a captivating look.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv

Royal Colour

Draped in dark purple, Anusree radiates regal sophistication & timeless charm, captivating all with her elegant choice of color.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
Gold with Red & Blue

She complements her saree with a golden bangle surrounded by Red & Blue bangles on either side.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
Anusree's Head Chain

Her head chain is heavily decorated with red stones and features white pearls hanging from the chain.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
Stunning Saree Pictures

Captured by Jibin Somachandran, Anusree's portrait radiates captivating allure, showcasing the magic of Jibin's lens.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
Mesmerizing Beauty

Makeup artists Sajith & Sujith gave Anusree a smokey eye look with dark mascara, shaped eyebrows and a small red bindi.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
Floral Finesse

Her necklace matches her head chain, featuring a floral motif adorned with red stones inside a round-shaped pendant and white pearls hanging at the bottom.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
Braid with Flowers

Anusree's hairstyle featured a braid adorned with beautiful orange marigold flowers.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
Styled by Sabari Nath

Styled to perfection by Sabari Nath, Anusree's ensemble showcases a unique touch of Sabari's expertise.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
Anusree's Instagram Post

Anusree shared her gorgeous saree look on Instagram with the caption 'Chentarmizhi'.

Photo Credits: @anusree_luv
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